Brian Morrow 

»Since I left you, Do I love you more?«

17. Juni bis 14. Juli 2023

Eröffnung: 16. Juni, 19–22 Uhr

Text zur Ausstellung:

"When I was 17 I moved from the Suburbs into the city of Liverpool and fell in love with Photography. I was fascinated by the people and daily life of this energetic, rough friendly, creative Port City. Since moving to Berlin in 1999, I have found my regular visits to Liverpool to be a source of inspiration as I continue to connect emotionally, whilst seeing the City through the eyes of a foreigner …

Chronicling a long-distance relationship with a city and it’s people. It’s also an attempt to create a dialogue about the passage of time and the illusory nature of Memory."

Abbildung: Boys Liverpool, 1989, 200 x 150 cm, Scan von einem 35 mm S/W-Negativ


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